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Lockdown Beauty Tips!

Lockdown Beauty Tips

Lockdown Beauty Tips!

We all are familiar with the current scenario. It’s better to avoid going out unless it’s necessary. Cut short the parlor visit and try some tips at home. It’s the time to care for you and maintained. Spent your time on yourself to keep your skin healthy and nourished.


Hands and Nails:

      No pedicure, no care can make skin and cuticles dry or cracked. You can keep it soft and managed with the help of coconut oil or olive oil. If have cuticle oil then you are lucky, keep applying it timely. You can use Lemon and lukewarm water to keep the nails healthy by soaking in them.

2.       Face Cleaning:

Follow your regular clean-up routine once a week and try to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. You can use steam also with the help of a hot towel to open pores. Aloe Vera gel is best for whole skincare. The mixture of gram flour, turmeric, and milk is effective for a soft and glowing face and acts as a good scrub. Honey along with milk imparts glow and moisturization to the face. 

3.       Body Massage:

As our routine is changed and we are not doing regular up-downs so our body needs good care. To enhanced blood circulation you can go for an oil massage with coconut oil or olive oil to relax the body before bath or at night. It would help to overcome the current stress and prolong sitting (work from home) or lack of body movements. For body scrubbing the gram flour, turmeric, and milk paste is too effective. More skin care tips can be found here.

4.       Hair Conditioning:

With daily routine, we don’t pay much attention to hair care due to lack of time and invest much in the parlor. You can try some of our hair masks and home remedies for hair care. You can try coconut oil and honey mix up and massage your hair before 20 minutes of hair wash or you can try yogurt and honey mixed paste. It will keep hair nourished and shiny smooth along with hair growth.
Dry your hair naturally to overcome the dryness caused due to heating appliances. Also, you can try distinct hair looks to use later. More hair care tips can be found here.


      Avoid Heavy Makeup Products:

Try to keep yourself away from heavy makeup products. Let your skin breathe naturally to regain its natural texture. For few days it will look odd but later on, you can feel the difference with natural glow and smoothness. You can use light day cream to keep skin hydrated.

6.       Parlor At home:|

You can do your facials, manicure, pedicure at home also with home remedies. So give them a try. You can try sugar wax too. If you do not have the products for them, you can go with home remedies as they are easily available and provides long-term benefits. You can use home remedies also like aloe Vera gel, Turmeric, milk, and honey paste, and more listed here.

7.  Exercise /Yoga:

It’s important to take care of your body. Add an exercise/yoga routine to your daily care. It would keep your body in shape and would avoid fat. Yoga increases your stamina and boosts your immune system.

8.       Diet Plan:

       Increase your liquid intake. Drink a lot of water and eat fresh fruits. Eat healthily. Cut off the fried in your diet. Start your day with 2 glasses of warm water. Add Lemon and Honey for good skin and healthy digestion. Add green tea to your routine as it has several health benefits.

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