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Do You Know These 5 Hair Problems Can Be Fixed Easily?


Dandruff is one of the major hair problems we faced. It can be because of dryness, bad hair care, dirt, or infection.

How to resolve?

Use a good quality of anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner. Wash your hair regularly whenever it's dirty. May use home remedies like lemon and curd. Consult with a doctor if the issue is severe. Increase your water intake and liquid diet.

2.Hair Loss:

Hair lose/hair thinning is a common problem we all faced and it increases with time. It can be because of stress, medication, hormonal changes, improper diet, bad hair care, Dryness, Dirt, much Use of hair styling products.

How to resolve?

Try to use a hair loss shampoo. Wash hair on a regular basis. Fight with dryness with oiling before wash and conditioner after wash. Keep your diet rich in protein and iron. Limit the use of hair styling products. Can try some of the home remedies also like hair pack of onion juice, henna conditioning, intake of male. Increase your water intake and liquid diet.

3.Dry & Frizzy Hair:

Dry & Frizzy hair is not only a problem but it also causes a lot of other hair problems. It can be because of less liquid intake, improper diet, too much hair wash, skipped oiling, use of styling products.

How to resolve it?

Choose shampoo especially for dry hair. Oiling is the best habit to do before hair wash. Use conditioner. Limit the hair wash. Increase your water intake.

4. Dull Hair:

Dull hair causes because of heating tools, styling products, warm water, less intake of water, and less liquid intake.

How to resolve it?

Use moisturizer after every wash and rinse it with cold water. Use less styling products. If required use serum before using it. Increase your intake of liquid.

5. Split Ends:

Split ends are one of the common issues we faced. Hair get thinner at the end and leads to split ends. Improper hair care leads to split ends. Over-brushing, heats, and lack of using conditioner are other causes.

How to resolve it?

Proper care of hair is required including oiling, conditioning. Trim your hair if there are split ends.


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