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Are you using these 9 Makeup Blender? || Makeup Sponge Uses

Makeup sponges, Blender
Now a days, sponges are very popular  in makeup kit. Reason is the airbrushed fine smooth textured look. It doesn't leave any traces behind, so finely it works as in case of brushes generally we get.

You can use it by wetting in water and then squeeze to clear the access water. It won't stick in this way with the cream/foundation you are applying. The broad side is used to spread the application on all the face and the tip is used to the narrow area around your neck , nose corner and eyes surroundings.

 Sponges Types :

1. Triangle Sponge: 

Makeup Sponges, Triangle Sponge,Disposable sponge
These are disposable sponges so its a one go, the use and throw one. Its helpful in blending but sometimes leaves lines behind because of its structure. You can carry it while travelling or in offices.Its quite useful for those who are in a hurry and won't easy solution. Wet Sponge is best to apply for the flawless look.

2.Cosmetic Blending Sponge:

Makeup Sponges, Blender, Cosmetic Blending Sponge Cosmetic blending sponge is curvy in shape and used basically to remove pollutants. It can be best use to clean the face. It can be hold in different way for smooth and tough action as per the requirements. Wet Sponge is best to apply for the flawless look.

3. Flocked makeup Sponge:

Makeup Sponge
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Its best to use for dabbing product like powder. It creates a heavy finish.It helps to spread the powder evenly on face and gives a heavy look.

4. Beauty Blender micro mini sponge:

mini beauty blender,BlenderAs the name suggests this mini beauty blender uses are similar. It can be used to blend small areas around eyes and nose.Its help for final finished look. Wet Sponge is best to apply for the flawless look.

5. Beauty Blender Sponge:

beauty blender, makeup SpongeCommonly seen in pink oval shaped in any makeup tutorial also.Beauty Blender Sponge is the favorite and most useful among makeup artists.It helps in whole coverage of face and neck area but best to when wet.

6. Complexion Sponge: 

Makeup BlenderIts a sliced sponge and has a great purpose in being in this look. The broad side can be used for basic application of cream/foundation/bronzer and the sliced edge is for contouring. It can be used multipurpose and can serve several purposes single handed.

Powder Puff Sponges, Makeup Blender

7. Powder Puff Sponges: 

Its as name used for spreading powders over the face  evenly.These are soft and can use over all area without much pressure. Its a quick way to spread this.

8. Contouring Sponge: 

Makeup Blender

Its specially designed for contouring. Looks similar to beauty blender sponge. Can be used with liquid or cream based any products.

9. Cosmetic Sponge:

Makeup Sponge

These comes into two shape the circular and rectangular.It can be used with liquid foundation / powders.Helps to spread the product finely.

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