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17 Fashion Tips You Must Know || Style Tips for All Women

Fashion Tips You Must Know

We all want to look trendy and fashionable. Fashion is what you are wearing and how it looks on you. The first thing we all must carry is the confidence.We should be confident in any fashion style. Fashionable doesn't mean to wear all we see around us, its the dress styles which compliments our looks. Fashion changes with seasons and every season brings new fashion. Here are some of the fashion and style tips you can follow to become more fashionable and trendy.

1. Planned Your Week's fashion style :

      Be sorted out and arranged. Plan your whole week outfit on holiday from Top to bottom including matching fashion accessories. A messy day starts when you don’t dress up properly. Good dressing helps in good and confident mood. So keep a check of your dress styles for the week.

2. Color combination: 

fashion tips, dress styles ,stylish tops designs Learn how to match the color combination, like color combination of yellow tunic with white trouser or with red trouser looks more appealing then with black, color combination of printed top with plain trouser of the print color less in top. Light color top, Kurtis, shirts is good for summer and dark color for winters.You can take ideas from surfing the internet and checking the online shopping sites or can observe around yourself.  


3. Try New Fashion Trends: 

        Always try something new fashion trends. Don’t be afraid for something new. Fashion is an innovation and you can start anytime any day. Experiment with colors and fashion accessories helps to explore new fashion trends. You can try shrugs, denim jackets or scarfs for the fashionable look.

4. Fashion Accessories: 

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Keep a routine to wear fashion accessories. It adds an extra on your look.As per your dress you can wear fashion accessories like neck piece with deep neck shirt or top, rings on finger, watch or bracelet, long earrings with messy bun, stylish handbag  anything which compliments your look.


 5. Dress Styles: 

       There is no defined dress styles. You can create your own. But some Simple dress styles rules are like  wear bright color with light color and floral dress or pattern with plain. I must say vertical stripes top looks good with plain trouser and vice versa. Match loose with tight. Can have a loose stylish top and fitted skirt or skinny trouser or you can try fitted top with loose palazzo.You can shop stylish tops designs online also.


6. Right Size:

    Know your size and shop your dress accordingly. Not properly fitted dresses spoiled your look. Wear the dress with proper shoulder size, waist size and should not be too lose or too fitted. 

 7. Right Footwear: 

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      Footwear is the most important part of your fashion.The design, color and style of footwear compliment a lot to your fashion style.Also take a comfortable one as it will be for the whole day and can spoiled your day. Keep some fashionable collection. Try new shoes for few days at home before using it outside.

8.Know Your Body Shape:

We all are having different body shape. Dress suits as per the body shape.Know your body shape and use apparels accordingly. Like someone is having broad shoulder, someone having narrow, someone is lean and someone is healthier, someone is short height and someone is having a good height. You need to choose apparels accordingly. If your legs are shorter you can try high waist jeans and for long legs its advised to keep the shoe color same as that of their trouser.

9. Revamp your dresses:

 If you get bored of your older clothes and want a fashionable look, you can revamp your dresses or can change the dress styles. Like you can convert your long t-shirt to shorter or a crop top, you can add a waist belt to your long dress, can add frills on sleeves, can change the neck style like round to V shaped. Revamping refreshes your dress and look.

10. PrePlanned for an Event: 

Any upcoming event, planned your dress styles, shop if required, organized your dress,fashion accessories, footwear and makeup for the day. If you want to try new makeup look or hair style practiced earlier. It would save time and your day event won't be messy.

11. Always Ready:

 What if you got a call from your friend to meet in half an hour or you got any party invite in short notice? Not enough time to get ready. Keep some dresses in your wardrobe which are easy to wear and equally comfortable. Keep some fashion accessories and footwear which matched easily with any dress styles.Keep a backup dresses for that.

12. New Style Jeans: 

Almost we  all love to wear jeans. Take the right sized and try the new style jeans like ankle length, shaded, hemmed jeans whatever suits you. Jeans make a good matches with a lot of dress styles like stylish tops.

13. Customized Design: 

We all have a styling sense and ideas. You can work on your ideas. Search for a right tailor and tailored your ideas for some new style or it may become a fashion trends.

15. Understand the Occasions or themes: 

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It looks odd if you go simple in a party or in formal look while outing. Know the occasion and understand the dress styles. Sometimes smart getup and heavy fashion accessories gives an outstanding look. Floral dress or printed dress are good for day and sequin dress or bright colored dress are good for night parties.

16. MakeUp & Hair Styles: 

Know your face type and check what suits to your face. A dress styles is complicated well with right makeup and hair styles. A messy bun or wavy open hair or clipped or pony tail, all have different impact with makeup and dress. Shiny shimmered makeup, nude makeup, smokey eye or simple day makeup have a distinct impact on your look. So try to experiment and learn more what suits you more.Styling yourself is an art and easy to learn, so invest your time to explore yours.

17. Manage your dresses properly. 

Wash them properly and with care. Dress Shouldn’t be color faded or stained or wrinkles. Your footwear should be clean and use clean fashion accessories not dusted.

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