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10 Useful Fashion Hack You Must Know

10 Useful Fashion Hack You Must Know

1.        Discolored dress: 

Is your favorite dress get discolored? Use permanent marker of the same color of cloth to cover it.

2. Saree Pleats:

        Is it difficult to set the pleats of the saree? You can use a hair straightener to set the pleats. Be cautious about the temperature as different temperatures are required for different fabrics. Use a hair straightener to iron your collar.

3.       Fix  Zip:

       A very common problem we face is zipping. Fix it with candle wax or crayon wax or you can use vaseline or pencil lead. 

4. Stains of Clothes:

Stained clothes are a tedious task to do. You can remove stains of clothes by rubbing lemon juice and leave for 20 mins and then wash it with water.

5. Wrinkles of Clothes: 

You can place newspaper between layers of clothes while folding to keep it wrinkles free.

6. Clothes Balls:

To get rid of clothes balls, you can shave them with Razor.

7.Silver Jewelry:

The best way to clean your silver jewelry is with toothpaste.

8. Tight Shoes:

Issue of tight shoes? You can freeze your shoes with ice bags to loosen them. You can also use a hair blower to lose the shoes.

9. Loose Shirt Button:

Most often we encounter this problem. If the shirt button falls off, use clear nail polish to keep it there.

10. Jeans shopping hack:

 Don't have time to try jeans, check the waistline of the jeans around your neck. It would probably come fit.

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