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Do You Keep these 18 Useful Things in your Handbag?|| Women must carry these in handbags

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Hand sanitizer, handbags,bags 1. Hand sanitizer:

Today's reality is known to all of us. Hand sanitizer is a must to carry. Keep 70 % alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Keep it handy as would be required each time.

2.Water bottle: 

water bottles expandable, bag, handbagsAlways keep a water bottle with you. Most of us do this but who avoid should add this in their list. You can keep an expandable bottle also.

3. Tissue Papers:

Handbags, Bags, Tissue Papers, Tissue Papers BoxWe all must carry the tissue papers. We all know the uses and benefits of tissue papers. Tissue papers help us to overcome from whereas daily issues like makeup mess up, cleaning the dust or humidity on the face, cleaning the hand, helpful in sneezing, etc. Since Tissue papers are disposable so its better to keep the pack of tissue papers.


Vaseline, Bags, Handbags, Vaseline Lip Balm,Vaseline lip therapyVaseline is known to all of us. It has several skin benefits. Vaseline can be added to the skincare routine also. Vaseline keeps skin moist and heels from inside. It helps from screen scrapes. Vaseline also heels minor cuts. You can use Vaseline as lip balm also and add shinning to your lipstick. Vaseline can be used as a highlighter also. Vaseline helps to remove makeup also. So if planning to go out of the office and want to go for another look, it will help a lot. It also fixes the zipper. So in case, your bag zipper is not working you can give a try to it.

portable charger, power bank, bag, handbags5. Portable charger / Power Bank:

A portable charger / Power Bank is our necessity now. What if the mobile is not charged and you need to make an urgent call. More than that we are on a long journey then it must keep. So never forget to keep a portable charger/power bank.

6. Makeup kit:

makeup kit, makeup ,makeup bag, bag , handbagsKeep your touch up makeup kit with yourself. It's an individual choice what to keep in makeup kit but spare lipstick, kajal CC, or BB cream, Mirror are some ideal things. You can keep a pair of earrings and nail filer also. Sometimes there is an urgent need for these.

Hair Brushes, hair combs, bag, handbags

7. Hair Brush:

Never forget to keep your hairbrush especially on hair wash day. Keep a spare hairbrush in your bag for all time. Clean it regularly on weekends. Never share your hairbrush with others.

8. Elastic Hair Band, Hair clips, or clutches: 

Elastic hair bands, hair bands, hair rubber, bag, handbags

Elastic Hair Bands are known to all of us. But not only elastic hair bands help to tie your hair but also helps in wardrobe malfunction like if the zipper of your jeans is slipping, you can use it to hold.

Hair clips and hair clutches should be kept as we need it anytime. Anytime we feel to clutch the hair or hair is slipping so we need to pin up especially in summers.

9. Safety Pins:

safety pinsSafety pins are helpful in various circumstances, especially in a wardrobe malfunction. What if the T-shirt shoulder is slipping down, you can tuck it with safety pins. In case your handbag clutch broke
up, if your sandal strip broke, its help one solution for many problems. So keep a pack of safety pins always.

10. Mouth Floss:

Mouth Floss, Listerine Oral care mint, bags, handbgsDental hygiene is a must to do. We spent the whole day outside and keeps on eating. Flossing is very important after eating. Keep a small pack and whenever possible use it. You can try Listerine Pocketmist Cool Mint Oral Care floss also.

11. Stain removal wipes / A Tide to go stick:

A tide to go stick, bags, handbagsStain removal wipes, bags, handbagsWhat if something spells on cloth leading to staining on clothes. The solution is Stain removal wipes / A Tide to go stick . Stain removal wipes and  Tide to go stick both are the effective solutions to get rid of stains.

12. Face wipes:

Face wipes are good to use as they easily remove the dirt and oil from the face. Keep a pack of face wipes face refreshment. 

13.Sewing Kit:

sewing kit, bag, handbagSewing kit would help to overcome certain wardrobe problems and can save you from some awkward situation. So keep a pocket Sewing kit in your handbag.

fevikwik, bags, handbags

14. Glue like Fevikwik:

You can keep the glue-like fevikwik for the emergency need. It's a good habit to keep a pack of it.

15.Pain ointment/pain killer:

bags, handbags,pain ointment, pain killerIf you face some kind of issues like headache, Back pain, then you must keep some pain killer or pain ointment. You can keep spray also.

16.Band Aid :

Band aid, bags, handbagsBand Aid is known to all of us. We should keep band aid in our bag for emergency situations like the new sandal causes callus.

17. Snacks: 

You never know when you will feel hungry. Sometimes you are at a place where there is no food available or any healthy meal. For such a short hunger keep some snacks with you. Don't keep it for longer.

18. Sanitary napkin:

We all know the importance of this. Just mentioned here.

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