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9 Skin Care Tips You Don't Know ? Best Skin Care Tips || Tips for Glowing skin

Everyone wants a good healthy skin. A shiny glowing skin is what we all is looking for. There are different skin types and can be broadly classified as oily, dry, normal or sensitive.

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The Best Skin Care Routine:

1. Face Cleansing Routine: 

Daily Skin Care Regimen:

Use a mild cleanser that does not make skin dry or stretched after wash. After coming from outside always wash your leg, hands, and face. Use face wash to clean your face and do not clean it more than twice a day. Use face wash as per your skin type e.g. oil-free for oily skin, moisturized for dry skin, and normal skin a mild one. For acne and pimples, you can try accordingly available products in the market.

Weekly Skin Care Routine:

You can follow this routine weekly:

Cleansing Milk Benefits: It helps to remove dirt and cleanse the skin, leaving behind a smooth clear face.After washing your face, apply it on the face and blend on skin and then wipe it with cotton.

Oily Skin Tips: A foam-based face wash and cleanser is useful for oily skins. Try to use an oil-free product.

Dry Skin Tips: Cream or lotion based as it would hydrate the skin.

Sensitive Skin Care Tips: Test the product before using it. Foam based is much better.

Face Scrubbing:

After cleansing, you can use the scrubber to remove the dead skin and dirt which will make skin to breathe properly. Also it improves blood circulation and helps in reducing the tanning of the skin. Scrubbing is not required daily. Twice in a week is all enough.

2. Moisturization:

 To overcome skin from dryness and natural oils lost, you can use lotion or moisturizer for body and face. It will keep skin hydrated and smooth. As per your skin type, you can use moisturizer, for normal and oily skin used less oily or gel-based and for dry skin use cream-based.

In winter season, moisturizing required more as compared to summer. Use lotion after bath and before going to bed to keep skin nourished.

3. Use Sunscreen: 

It’s an utmost care part of your skin. It not only protects from sun rays but also prevent fine lines and wrinkles on skin .Apply sunscreen to prevent skin damage from sun rays. It’s advised to use minimum SPF 30 Sunscreen. Apply the sunscreen on exposed portion like face and hand. Apply it before 20 minutes and let it get settled on skin properly.

4. Product Check: 

Before using any product reads the ingredients carefully. If possible do the patch test on skin to check the suitability of product before using it or you can try the Trial pack.

 Testing is specially recommended for sensitive skin. Apply it on wrist and wait for the results till 48-72 hours. If any allergic reaction occurs clean the surface and may try for other product.

5. Best Night Care for Face: 

Remove the makeup firstly and clear your skin with the help of makeup remover. Afterwards, wash your face. You can use cleanser milk for removing makeup and face wash after that to clear the dust and rest makeup residues.

Add night cream in your care routine to make skin hydrated and moisturized. You can use Vaseline gel or Rose water or skin toner as an option. It hydrates the skin and also helps in reducing the tanning. Aloe Vera gel also do wonders. It has its own benefits list.

Then you can apply eye cream to keep skin below eye healthy and relaxed.

6. Protect Eye: 

Eye cream is important to protect and maintain the health of the delicate skin below eyes. To avoid fine lines and loose skin below eyes it’s advised to use eye cream at night. It also helps to overcome from dark circles. Keep it as a daily routine for the best results. During daytime it’s important to add sunscreen and if outside in sunlight then use goggles.

7. Right Liquid Diet: 

The best liquid which do miracle for your skin is water. The more you drink water the more glowing would be your skin. Water not only hydrates skin but also removes the toxins from your body. Intake of excess tea and coffee is not beneficial. Green tea is a much better option as it provides several health and skin benefits. Less junk foods and more fibers, green leafy vegetables, juice are the secrets of your healthy skin. Flax seeds, walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is essential for good skin and health

8. Too Many Products:

Using too many products pressurize your skin resulting into dry harsher skin and may clogged pores.So avoid too many products for regular use. You may use BB cream or CC cream as they provides good coverage to skin. It works on blemishes or acne marks also.

9. Professional Facials: 

At least in a month you should have a facial. The professional can do a better cleansing and removes out the toxins, dirt and clear the clogged pores. Regular clean up routine helps to keep it continue but for better results facials required by professionals.


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