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MakeUp Brushes: Tips and Benefits

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Makeup Brushes  

 The makeup brushes are an important part of makeup kit. It helps to give a finer and finished makeup look. Some do not preferred to use brushes and use their finger instead but its good to use brushes as it gives a different finishing as compared to finger blending.

There are different types of brushes as per the uses:

1. Foundation Brush:

As name defines this kind of brush is useful for applying foundation. Its best use is for liquid foundation. It blends the foundation properly. While purchasing, note that the brush is flexible so that it cover-up all sections of face.

 To use it, apply the foundation in dots on all over the face especially forehead, cheek, nose and chin and then blend it with brush finely. It shaped in such a way that it can cover up the corner of nose and cheek properly. 

2. Concealer Brush: 

A concealer Brush is smaller than the foundation brush and it works similarly as the foundation brush. It blends the concealer and foundation finely over the face.Apply it in the same way.

3.  Powder Brush:

Powder brush as name specifies is for using powder on face. The basic purpose of powder is to keep the makeup in place throughout the day, it can be considered as makeup setter. In construction, its large and dense. 

4. Blush Brush:

Blush brush is similar to powder brush but small in size. Some are with angles for more appropriate application. Depending upon the type of blush, for powder blush start from cheeks and moved towards nose and for cream blush you can use circular motion to use the brush.

5. Contour Brush:                                                                         

Contouring is done to have a naturally sculpted look we all love. The best contouring brush can reduce the efforts and help better to achieve this look. Contour brush is different from other brushes as it has a denser and angled bristles. Contouring is a careful work as it should be done in right amount at right location most preferable around nose and jawline.

6. Bronzer Brush:

The bronzer prime function is to give you a glowing look. Like other brushes in look, its with more dense bristles. The small amount needs to be considered while using bronzer. Blend it properly so that no harsh trash remains on face.

7. Highlight Brushes: 

This kind of brush is a spreader brush like a fan shaped to apply highlighter. The bristles are thin. This shape helps it to apply evenly on cheekbones. Highlighter are popular and in daily use nowadays. You should use small amount over cheekbones and nose if you want.

8. Eye shadow Brush:

Eye shadow  not only adds glamour to your look but also is an art. You can try several ways and styling  this. The eye shadow brushes are smaller and less dense. There are varieties in these also like you can try for eye lid and eye crease with distinct brushes as per their usability.

9. Eye Liner Brush:

Eye liner is the best and concise part of makeup. It needs to be done precisely as both eyes liner should match and uniformity must required. Sharp eyeliner is always the center of attraction and it complements the look distinctly. Now Smokey eyes and wing shaped eyes are more in fashion. Several brands are endorsing their product on this ground. The eye liner brush can help a lot in this.  It works best with liquid liner. Its small and thin in construction and some are angled to give a fine look.

10. Mascara Brush:

Some brushes come along with mascara. You can keep a separate one also if wish to do. Its shape is very well known as it’s in curled towards upper. It’s specifically designed for the purpose.

11. Lip Brush:

It makes applying lipstick a bit easier. Especially whose lips are thin it helps a lot to do the job. It’s a thin and small brush. It makes clear line and can help to use best the liquid lipstick.

Important Tips:

  •  Its advised to keep your brush neat and clean. Wash it regularly. 
  • While washing take care of its bristles and reshape it before drying.
  • Always take a small quantity of applicator to use with brush as it blend the small amount finely.

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