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MakeUp- Basic Tips

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Basic Makeup Guidelines:

Makeup is an art nowadays. Every one of us wants to look special. Some wants to look glamorous, some wants to look simple sober, some likes nude make up and some highlighted features. Everyone has their own choice and taste and the makeup kit is the only one friend to make them.

There are some basic rules which every one should know.

1.Face Clean up 

A clean face absorbs the makeup properly and results the expected one.Clean your face with face wash or any cleanser to remove dirt.

2. Moisturizing : 

Its important to moisturize your face before starting the makeup. Apply moisturizer depending upon your skin type. It helps skin to maintain the skin's natural oil balance and keep skin healthy.

4. Face Primer :

Face primer covers fine lines and gives an uneven smooth texture to skin.It acts as base for makeup and make skin smooth.

5. Foundation :

Foundation acts as 2nd base to your skin. It makes skin even tone and clean textured. Right foundation is required to match with skin tone. Buy a foundation which matches with your skin tone. Apply a small quantity of foundation on your face and neck for the coverage. Blend it properly on skin.

6. Concealer :

Concealer is used to cover up the dark circles, spots and blemishes. After foundation, apply it under eye and the spots and blemishes area properly. A small amount is enough. Blend it properly on skin to absorb.

7. Blusher :

Blusher is applied to give a shiny glossy layer on face specially cheek. Apply it brush along the cheek line. Blend it properly for a finer look.

8. Eye Makeup :

An important attractive part of face is your eyes. Beautiful eyes attracts every one. So, its important to highlight it.  You can apply kajal, sometimes it alone completes the look. Can apply eye shadow and then eyeliner. To add more beauty you can use mascara to make eye lashes heavy.

9. Lip Makeup :

Last but not the least, lip can change the whole look. Different lip shades impart different look. You should use the lip color directly also but its advised to use either lip primer or lip balm for smooth and fine look. You can add lip liner also to highlights the lips lines.

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