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Hair Care- A must to do routine

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Hair Care Routine For All

Hair is the most important and most attractive part of your personality. A good hair and hair style put everyone's eye on you. So, care for your hair is essential especially from dust and pollution nowadays.

Let’s Start from Scratch!

Hair Type: 

Very important to know this for the best care. It can be defined in terms of texture(frizzy, silky or normal), density(heavier, lesser or normal) and oiling level(dry, normal, mix,). You can check this with the help of small test. Wash your hair and dry it naturally. Don't apply any serum. Take a tissue paper and keep it at 3-4 places and check. If its oily then the hair type is oily . If less oily then its normal. If no oil then its dry and if oily in some part and dry in some then its mix

You can check for density also. Simply part your hair from mid and check the scalp. Narrow scalp means denser, broad then normal and more broader then it’s lesser.

Hair Care Routine:

1. Hair Wash:

A good hair wash is important to remove dust and to keep hair healthy. Otherwise it would result in dandruff, hair fall and sticky hair. Shampoo plays an important role in this. So, you need to choose the right shampoo as per your hair type. 

For oily hair, you shouldn’t try for hydrating/moisture based shampoo, just used the cleanser one. For dry hair, it’s recommended to use hydrating/moisture based shampoo and conditioner to control the dryness and frizzy. For normal hair, gentle shampoo is fine.

Avoid hot water as it will make hair dry by removing the moisture/natural oil of hair. If necessary, you may use lukewarm water. It’s recommended to use shampoo on scalp only as oil and dust deposited there and do not use shampoo to whole length, they would get cleaned up automatically as shampoo would get slide down while wash. 

2. Hair Conditioner:

Hair conditioner is the important to make hair shiny and nourished after wash. Use conditioner to keep your hair healthy and shiny but not at scalp only through the length of hair. Keep conditioner at least for 5 minutes before washed out it. Maximum 3 times in a week is suggested for shampooing. Whenever you feel that hair is dirty you can opt for shampooing.

Use Sulfate free shampoo to protect hair from damage of chemicals.

Conditioner can be classified as regular hair conditioner, leave-in Conditioner and Deep Conditioner.

Regular conditioner is used after hair wash and used along the length of hair not scalp. After 5 minutes you need to rinse it off.

Leave-in Conditioner: Apply the same way but no need to rinse it.

Deep Conditioner: For more hydration, especially for dry hair, you can use it.

3. Hair Oiling:

Oiling is the best and essential part of hair care. But quantity and timing matters. Oiling is beneficial for hair strengthening and also moisturizing the hair. Do not keep oil in excess amount and for longer duration. Excess oil is difficult to wash out and may remain on hair and will be visible after hair dries. For longer if oil is kept it may leads to hair breakage and dust gets stick to hair easily. Its recommended to use hot oil massage (lukewarm) as it acts as a therapy for hair and its stimulates the blood circulation. Massage should be gentle.

4. Hair Drying:

While drying the hair breaks the most. Hair drying should be done with proper care to avoid tangles. Dry your hair gently with towel and soak out the excess water. Don’t apply force. It’s best to dry the hair naturally. For this you can either wash your hair at night or if you are washing it in morning then try to do it at least 1 hour before going out. If you are in a rush or looking for some styling then you might need to blow dry. Try to start blow dry at medium temp and from distance. You can use heat protectant product or hair serum for shiner smooth look. If necessary then only use these heating tools.

  5. Comb: 

Important but equal precautions required. Sometimes harsh combing makes your hair weak easily breakable and ultimately leads to hair loss. Don't over brush your hair. Its common in teenagers. A wide toothed comb is the best to use especially wooden comb. Always start combing your hair from lower part to remove tangles and then start from scalp. For much tangled or wet hair start it with your finger. Curly hair should be de-tangled while shampooing as it’s easy to do that. Regularly wash your brush and remove its dust. You can do it with shampoo.

6. Hair Trimming:

Hair trimming is a good habit as it free your hair end from split ends a basic problem of hair. When you find the split ends then you should go for trimming. Required for hair growth and avoid split ends and thinness.

7. Diet Plan:

Hair needs good nutrients to stay healthy and grow faster. These are essential for hair growth protein, Vitamin B12 , biotin, Omega 3 fatty acids, iron and Vitamin E. Some suggested diets are eggs (protein and biotin), leafy vegetables (iron), nuts and seeds (Omega 3 fatty acids), avocado (Vitamin E) and whole grains and meat (Vitamin B). Consult a dietitian for to know the best.

If protein lacks then hair becomes dry and brittle.Iron deficiency slows down the hair growth.Omega 3 fatty acids helps to hydrate hair and for healthy scalp.

Some more can be included in diets:

  •  Essential fatty acids: flaxseed oil, salmon, tuna, walnuts and almonds
  • Vitamin B6: bananas, potatoes, and spinach
  •  Protein: fish, chicken, eggs, and soy products
  • Folic acid: fresh fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits and tomatoes, as well as whole grains, beans, and lentils

8. Chemically Treated / Colored hair:

 The more you use the more you lost your hair. Temporary use can also lead to long term hair problems. So be aware before trying anything.

  • Avoid Frequent Hair Wash: You should wash your hair twice in a week to keep the color for longer and to avoid the dryness.
  • For chemically treated hair, an extra care is required while each wash. You can use conditioner or hair mask. Hair mask are quite effective for dry hair.
  • You need to use hair products that are specifically advised for colored hair to protect it from fading.

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