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Foundation: Base of All Makeup

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Foundation Uses & Benefits

Foundation is one of the most important part of makeup art.It acts as a base for all makeup and its important to use the best product as its the underlying coverage of skin. Choose your foundation wisely. Check your complexion before purchasing the foundation.Skin type and skin complexion must be well judged. Skin type is important as dry skin needs a cream foundation and oily skin needs a dry powder form foundation. However, normal skin is lucky in this matter as it can used any of it.

Its advised to take two shades of foundation the darker and the lighter as per your complexion. Lighter can be used around nose line, chin and cheekbones. You can also mix both shades.

How to Use Foundation:

1. Clean Face: 

Need to start with face clean up. You can use face wash or cleanser to clean the skin.

2. Primer: 

Primer can be used before starting with foundation. Primer adds smoothness and uniformity to skin. A small quantity is all enough to give a fine smooth texture to skin. It covers dullness and pigmentation also.

3. Apply Foundation: 

Always start with small amount of foundation.  Apply more on blemishes and pigmentation.
Let it absorb for a while. Only dab it near eyes area . Blend it properly. You may use tissue paper to remove access foundation.

4. Apply Concealer: 

For a final finish up you can apply the concealer. Concealer helps to make skin more smoother and even tone.

5. Add Highlighter:

 For a shiny look you can add highlighter to add more on your look.

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