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Concealer : Make Up Corrector

Concealer also known as Tone corrector is basically used to cover dark circles, spots, large pores, and blemishes on the skin. It along with Foundation, helps to uniform the skin tone.

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It comes in different forms as Liquid concealer, Stick Concealer, Cream Concealer, Pencil concealer.

Concealer:Uses Advice / Tips

1. Analyse Your Skin for Concealer / Foundation:

Before using , match the skin tone with concealer/foundation.You can check this by apply a bit on your face and check the finishing tone.Basic but important to do. Best to use 1-2 shades lighter for eyes.

2. Face Cleaning:

 Clean your face first.You can use face wash or any cleanser. Before any application, face cleaning is important to keep skin healthy and dirt free.

3. Moisturize : 

Moisturize first your face before applying anything. Its important to nourish the skin . Apply the moisturizer and let it absorb for 2-3 minutes.

4. Foundation:

Start with Foundation. First apply foundation on your face and blend it evenly all over face.It makes a base and and result into even tone skin along the neck. Let settle your foundation for 2-3 minutes.

5. Concealer:

Apply the concealer then. Apply it under eye in triangle shape starting base from under eye and covering nose corner , and area where the spots , blemishes are more. Evenly distribute it. Cover the neck and eyelids also.Let settle it for 2-3 minutes. Only dab the concealer near eyes as its delicate.

6.  Compact:

Apply the compact powder for finishing. Compact powder helps to settle the foundation and concealer.

7. Dark Circles Covering:

It can be used best to cover the dark circles. Its an effective way to do so. Apply a bit in dots below the eye and then blend it softy. If required you can reapply it.

8. Eyeliner Mess up:

Eyeliner mess up can be corrected with concealer. Apply simply it with eye brush over liner and it would be done.

9. Lip Tracing:

Want a Tracing line on lips , an attractive look of lips. Apply a thin line on top and bottom line of lips and its all.

10. Face Contouring:

You can do much with concealer also contouring. You can take darker shaded to highlight the side line and nose of face and lighter shades in rest of the area. Give a try, it works well.

Types of Concealer:

1 Cream Based:   Good for Dark sports, dark circles and blemishes.

2.Stick : Good for pimples and blemishes. Easy to use. Smart to carry for office as well.

3.Pencil : Good for lining, highlighting, contouring and for acne also.

4. Liquid Concealer:Effective for large pores and oily skin.

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